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We thought you might like to see things we've posted previously about the game. Feel free to browse the following updates with some screen shots of the game as it was being developed.

August 15, 2004: Did I really say two weeks? Sorry, my estimator is broken. I do have encouraging news, though! We're very, very close to a release date. All the bugs are squashed and we're just doing final testing and preparing the web site to offer both the free demo version and the commercial (aka, "even more feature-packed") version. I hesitate to give another time estimate but instead I prefer to say, as Id Software has been known to put it, "it'll be ready when it's ready." Check our homepage for an announcement of the game's release in the next few weeks.


July 7, 2004: Ok, so I was a little off on my estimate of when Click-a-Block! would be finished. But, it really is almost done now. I predict that within 2 weeks (if not sooner!) you will be able to download a copy here! In the meantime, here are some new screen shots to drool over.

[ Click-a-Block Screen Shot 01 ][ Click-a-Block Screen Shot 01 ][ Click-a-Block Screen Shot 01 ]


January 21, 2004: Our first release is now only weeks away! Following the screen shots is a description of how to play Click-a-Block!

[ Click-a-Block Screen Shot 01 ] [ Click-a-Block Screen Shot 02 ] [ Click-a-Block Screen Shot 03 ]

Click-a-Block! is a very simple game. The objective is to gain the highest score possible by finding groups of connected blocks. A connection is two or more identical blocks that touch on the top, bottom or sides. After you click on that connection it will disappear and the board will reshape based on the current gravity setting. With normal gravity, the blocks will always fall down and to the left. With no-gravity, the blocks won't fall. With anti-gravity, blocks fall up and to the right. Be sure to try to find the largest group of connected blocks you can to gain a bonus. Any time you destroy five or more blocks at once you get a multiplier bonus on top of your normal score. Continue to click until you have cleared as much of the board as possible.