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We are pleased to announce the Windows release of Click-a-Block! This is a fun and addictive game where you click the groups of matching blocks. Your goal is to gain the highest score possible by finding groups of connected blocks. A connection is made when two or more identical blocks touch on the top, bottom or sides. After you click on that connection it will disappear and the board will reshape based on the current gravity setting.

With normal gravity the blocks will always fall down and to the left. The Extreme Edition offers other gravity options: with no-gravity, the blocks won't move and with anti-gravity, blocks fall up and to the right. Any time you destroy five or more blocks at once you get a multiplier bonus on top of your normal score. Continue to click until you have cleared as much of the board as possible.

We are offering the game in two editions: Free Edition and Extreme Edition. The Free Edition is, well, free, but with some limitations on the features. The Extreme Edition isn't free, but it comes with more fun features for only $2.95! Here's the breakdown:

Free Edition Features

  • Free!
  • Player Mode: Single Player & Two Player
  • 2 sets of blocks
  • 2 backgrounds
  • Gravity Options: Normal
  • Special Blocks: Bomb Blast
  • Random Events: New Row

Download the free edition now!

Extreme Edition Additional Features

  1. Only $2.95!
  2. Player Mode: Vs. Computer
  3. 6 additional sets of blocks
  4. 2 additional backgrounds
  5. Gravity Options: None (random), AntiGravity (random) or Completely Random
  6. High score tracker including number of colors used and average block size
  7. Special Blocks: Flame Thrower, Filler Block, Nuke
  8. Random Events: Block Shuffle
  9. Transparent blocks option

Buy it now. You'll be glad you did. Please see the hardware requirements to make sure it'll run on your computer.

When you click the link above to purchase the Extreme Edition, you will be redirected to PayPal to make payment (only $2.95!). Once your payment has been made, you'll receive an email with instructions for downloading and activating the Extreme Edition. If you have any problems along the way, please feel free to contact support to get answers to common questions.


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Download the free edition now!


[ Click-a-Block! Screen Shot ]

Only $2.95